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Dayforce makes small business payroll simple. We have been helping organizations, small and large, effectively manage their payroll for more than 80 years. Whether you complete payroll yourself or work with clients who manage their own payroll, Dayforce can help you run an efficient and scalable practice.

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Refer your customers and receive up to a $100 pre-paid gift card when they sign up for Dayforce’s Powerpay payroll solution.

*Referral Program is for Canadian Bookkeepers only. Chartered Professional Accountants are not eligible. 3. After a successful referral, the Bookkeeper will receive the Referral Fee by email at the address provided on the web form within 45 days after the Order Form being executed or after the first payroll processing date, whichever is later. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

Why Partner with Dayforce

Confidence in the expertise and experience of a reputable payroll provider

Integration with major small business accounting software providers

Exceptional support from Dayforce payroll professionals for you and your clients

Flexible options for you to manage your customer’s payroll or have it managed by Dayforce

What you can do with Dayforce’s Powerpay Small Business payroll solution

When it comes to managing payroll, look no further. We’ve got it covered.

Managed Payroll

Share the responsibility of payroll with Dayforce’s experts and ensure employees are paid on time and accurately, while adhering to government deadlines.


Save time by automating manual payroll processes. Powerpay helps ensure your clients are paid accurately and on time.

Time & Attendance

Automated employee time tracking means fewer costly mistakes from manual data entry, as well as streamlined time sheets and simplified pay calculations.


Let Powerpay help. With comprehensive reporting and up-to-date federal and provincial rates and thresholds, Powerpay helps you maintain your compliance. 


Want to close out the books faster? Powerpay integrates into leading accounting software to automatically update payroll information. This reduces the effort to sync data and time to process year end.

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